#1: Don't lose focus of your calling. Write for the Lord, not for radio or CCLI.

#2: If you wanna be a disciplined songwriter, put writing in your weekly schedule & have someone keep you accountable.

#3: What brings a listener to a song is melody. What keeps them is lyric. -Ralph Murphy

#4: A songwriting process that doesn't involve both your mind and heart may not result in a worthwhile song.

#5: When you face writer's block try changing your environment. 

#6: Don't wait for inspiration. Just start writing. Inspiration will follow.

#7: Songwriting takes risk. Be willing to take risks and push the limits.

#8: Be steady. Be faithful. Don't chase after the spotlight.

#9: To be a songwriter in Nashville is to have the heart of a poet and the hide of a rhino. –Bob Morrison

#10: The space and the rests in music are just as important as the notes. It’s those pauses that make the notes valuable. -Paul Baloche

#11: Writing only when you're inspired will make you as successful as the marathon runner who only runs when he feels like it.

#12: Asking for feedback from others should be a regular part of your songwriting. Don't dismiss ones you don't initially agree with.

#13: Co-writing is one of the best ways to grow as a songwriter. Co-write often.

#14: Worship songs can't just be rooted in culture - they won't be deep enough. They have to be rooted in scripture. -Matt Redman

#15: Songwriters, remember there are real, hurting people all around you. Don't just write the songs, live them out. That is the greater calling.

#16: Being a writer is like having homework every night for the rest of your life. -Lawrence Kasdan

#17: No matter how much money you put into production poor songwriting is poor songwriting.

#18: Too busy to write down lyrics? Try using ur phone/digital recorder while driving to/from places.

#19: Write like it's the last song you will ever write.

#20: If you're stuck while writing a song, find another songwriter to help you get unstuck.

#21: I am a writer. Writers operate in small rooms, shut away from the rest of the world and kept from normal people. -Tony Wood

#22: Pull in the listener in the first 30 seconds.

#23: For me, songwriting is something like breathing: I just do it. But that doesn't mean you're fantastic. -Adam Duritz

#24: Whether you are experiencing life's highs or lows, songwriting can be rejuvenating for your soul.

#25: Don't blame the producer when your song doesn't become a "success". 99 times out of 100, the song was weak. -@hillseanpaul

#26: It is the writer’s privilege to help man endure by lifting his heart. -William Faulkner

#27: Don't be dismayed if you leave a line half written; in time the lyric will come.

#28: Often, the songs most received are the ones not intended to be. Be real, honest & sincere - God will do the rest.

#29: People are emotional beings. Take your listener on an memorable and honest emotional journey.

#30: Write with the Bible open.

#31: My best advice? A quiet place. A simple tape recorder. A legal pad. A notebook - and a full heart. -Jimmy Webb

#32 I became a songwriter out of necessity, I was needing to say something specific that I could not find in the material at hand. -@MichaelFarren

#33 Biggest mistake as a writer: “fed my own insecurity by pushing others down” -@JamesTealy

#34 I feel like many young writers try to make simple concepts sound heavy rather than taking deep concepts & making them accessible. -Dave Clark

#35 To go the distance a songwriter has to take the hard hits and maintain a stubborn self-esteem. Longevity is where it’s at. -Jimmy Webb