Kingdom Songs One Testimonials

Tyler Pyle

 Berne, IN                   Worship Leader/Songwriter

KS1 was an amazing journey. Each session had a little different feel. Some days it was full-on songwriting where we dug in and got right to work. Sometimes it was a simple conversation over coffee that would lead to an ‘aha’ moment. The next thing you know we’re busy at work chasing down a brand new song. Michael is a genuine pastor and lover of people. He’s someone that wants to use his life to pour into those that want to write songs for the church. It was an amazing 12 weeks. I highly recommend!

Tom Frye

 Nashville, TN             Worship Leader/Songwriter

To grow in any craft requires the willingness to work hard, the commitment of time and resources, the humility to receive constructive criticism, and the guidance of a trustworthy mentor. If you are willing to trust, ready to work, and called to the craft of songwriting I cannot think of a better way to invest your time and money than with Kingdom Songs One! Michael has personally stretched me, not just a songwriter, but also as a communicator of the Gospel and if you allow yourself to be stretched he can do the same for you. KS1 is about more than just crafting a great song. It's even about more than equipping you with tools to continue to craft great songs. I know Michael professionally and personally and what fundamentally motivates him is to equip worship leaders to lead their congregations in meaningful worship of our Savior. An investment of your time and resources into KS1 is not just an investment in you, but also into those you are privileged to lead. I can't recommend this enough!

Kingdom Songs One is the best investment I’ve ever made in my development as a songwriter. Here are two of the reasons why.

1) I’m breaking out of my creative box! Hearing Michael’s take on something I’ve written and seeing how he would change or enhance it is taking my songwriting to a new level. Simply put, I’m writing better melodies and lyrics!

2) My approach to songwriting is vastly different than it was before. I don’t think I could have picked this up at a conference. It’s taken one-on-one conversations in real-life songwriting sessions for me to understand the creative process and how I needed to change the way I think. For me, this translates into a lot more freedom and fun while chasing some great songs!

Leah Paschall

 Liberty Township, OH   Worship Leader/Songwriter

Aaron Palermo

 Ocean City, NJ   Singer/Songwriter

I had such a great experience through the KS1 mentorship with Michael!  We really dove into exactly where I am at in my journey as a singer/songwriter.  Michael has helped guide my thinking on how to approach it all and what to do with it. I’ve gone years feeling alone and clueless on what to do with songs I’ve written,  and at times have felt like giving up on it.  This mentorship has been an answered prayer!  I was worried at first, thinking it might be awkward or uncomfortable. But Michael is so encouraging, kind and easy to talk to. At that same time, he is smart, honest and has a great ear for things.  He has given me a lot of wisdom and has helped me focus in on my target of what to aim for. I’m feeling super motivated and excited to keep writing songs and develop ones that I’ve already written.

I'm barely able to describe what KS1 has meant to me. I felt I was an "ok" song writer before these sessions, but my time spent at KS1 has given me those little corrective tweaks that I needed to get me to the next level! The things I've learned are so much more than structure and rhyme patterns and progressions - I've learned how to write songs that people can hold on to and use as a weapons in their personal lives. I've learned the power of what these songs' words can mean in people, and if one of my songs can help someone know who they are in Christ, I'd say the hours spent in these sessions were well worth the time invested! I don't have to wait until creativity hits me to write anymore, I'm not getting stuck in the same ruts of melodic or content ideas, and I'm arming my brothers and sisters with weapons to fight with, one song at a time.

Brian Pink

Joplin, MO  Singer/Songwriter



Songwriting is an amazing discipline to develop as a worship pastor. It can be an incredibly sharp weapon to brandish in the fight for your people. It can wake up a sleepy congregation to sing a song that was written specifically for them. It can reach through style preference and foster unity. It can even shift things within your soul if you will allow the Lord to work in that way. So doesn't it stand to reason that we should invest in powerful tools like songwriting? If you want your songs to hit the bulls eye and not just hit the target, this mentor / training / disciplemaking / songwriting course is for you. I am an alumni of this program and of a number of other ministry training events where these shepherds have poured into me. I can confidently say that I have grown both as a person and as a songwriter because of Michael and the other writers in this program. It is an incredible experience to write songs through this program. It is even more incredible to be mentored by these men. 

Jason Hundley

Dalton, GA                Worship & Arts Pastor

After taking a break from songwriting for a season, KS1 was an incredible first step back into music. Michael encouraged me immensely in my strengths, without shying away from the areas where I needed growth. I've come away with a deeper understanding of publishing and more confidence in the uncharted realm of co-writing. I think the biggest take away from my time has been just a clearer sense of who I want to be (and who God has made me to be) as an artist in my season and in my community. For that I'm very grateful and very excited for what's in store in the days to come. 

Mandi Mapes Kottas

Franklin, TN                Singer/Songwriter